Your dream site in 3 steps

Retro Stars.


In the world of web design, the discovery stage is like a treasure hunt for your website's success! This is where the magic begins. I'll sit down with you, my awesome client, and chat about your business goals, project requirements, and what makes you unique. I dig deep to understand your target audience, competitors, and inspiration.




I start by diving into Figma, my trusty design playground. Here, I unleash my creativity by drafting mood boards, carefully selecting fonts, and playing with color schemes. It's like painting on a canvas but with pixels! Your feedback is incredibly important because I want your website to truly resonate with you. We collaborate closely, making sure you're thrilled with my high-fidelity prototype (aka rough draft) before we proceed.


Now I head over to Webflow, my go-to development platform. The design truly starts to take shape as I translate the visual elements and user interface components into functional code. I pay careful attention to every detail, ensuring that the website not only looks fantastic but also functions flawlessly. It's a creative and technical journey where I transform my design concepts into a fully interactive and responsive site that's ready to launch.


My Preferred Tech

Just some of the cutting-edge tools and technologies I use to craft immersive digital experiences.

My primary platform for crafting captivating digital experiences. Its intuitive interface empowers me to seamlessly blend creativity with functionality.

With this robust design tool, I have the power to translate concepts into prototypes with unparalleled precision. Figma fosters a client collaboration that fuels innovation and accelerates project timelines.

A Webflow style system and CSS naming convention from Finsweet that provides guidelines and strategies for building websites that are clear, organized, and scalable.

This custom designed wireframe UI kit was built using the Client-first system for Webflow. It's especially useful for building sitemaps, UX wireframes and UI styleguides.

A cloud-based platform that allows users to create and share relational databases. Its user-friendly interface allows users to organize, store, and collaborate on information in minutes.

An essential tool for creating and collecting color palettes. Coolors helps me nail your branding while ensuring your color family meets accessibility requirements.